Amsterdam Photo Series: Schinkel and Nieuwe Meer

Amsterdam is most often defined pictorially by the canal houses which line the canals in the centre of the city. Yet there is a great variety of housing across the extent the city, with modernist architecture abounding on the islands and docklands, to the north; with the Oud Zuid, Jordaan and De Pijp areas each possessing their own architectural styles and features, distinct from the canal belt; and within the centre and without, there are both isolated and collected houseboats.

I took a series of pictures recently, starting around the Schinkel river, with its concentration of houseboats particularly along Jachthavenweg; moving then towards the Nieuwe Meer, a lake at the top of the Amsterdamse Bos – a large landscape park which extends into Amstelveen – where people can row and boat, and eat at a restaurant, Het Bosch, overlooking the water.

There are fifteen pictures below; while a full set may be viewed via my Flickr account.

P1040193-2-2-2 P1040195-2-2-2 P1040197-2-2-2-2 P1040205-2-2 P1040219-2-2 P1040245-2-2 P1040252-2-2 P1040253-2-2 P1040258-2-2 P1040259-2-2 P1040265-2-2 P1040281-2-2 P1040288-2-3 P1040290-2-2 P1040291-2-2

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