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Following what was effectively the birth of my YouTube channel last week – at, upon the upload of my first video/podcast discussing the nineteenth-century Russian poet Fyodor Tyutchev and his poem ‘Silentium!’ – I have made public an initial batch of playlists. These are based on my ‘Songs of the Month’ for February; my list of the ‘Fifteen Best Albums of 2014’; and my list of the ‘Best Albums of the Decade So Far’. As part of the process, I have significantly updated this latter list, with a new commentary, and a revised countdown of an extended group of twenty-eight albums. I think it will be interesting to continually rethink and reconfigure, every six months or so, this list of the best music of the decade, offering an ongoing record of the evolution of my tastes and evaluations.

I will continue to bring together playlists on my YouTube channel: on music, film, and more. And I intend to publish an original video once a week. The playlists:

Best Albums of the Decade So Far

Fifteen Best Albums of 2014

Songs of the Month – February 2015

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