The Culturedarm Shop Treads On Autumn

As the world trips and trundles into autumn, like yellowing leaves lightly dusting the pavement we begin to cover ourselves from the bottom up. Boots replace slip-ons and sandals, thickly woven trousers depose short skirts and shorts. No matter as far as the Culturedarm Shop is concerned, whose proclivity tends towards tops.

T-shirts and sweatshirts give themselves readily to layering. And when it is dreary outside, prints, clocks, throw pillows, and wall tapestries brighten up the indoors. These six new designs for autumn include logos in various hues of purple, a perspective down Flatbush Avenue in New York, reeds and the morning sky inspired by vistas of Iceland, and against a reddish background your daily dosage of fruits.

* * *

Culturedarm Cover Autumn 17

Apple Pear Grapes

Culturedarm CARM Flatbush Avenue

Culturedarm Circle Indigo Lavender Pink

Culturedarm Logo Indigo Violet

Reeds and Rising Sun

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