Five New Designs Enter the Culturedarm Shop

Fingering lightly for the new zeitgeist, seeking to remain ahead of the curve as the fashion season gathers pace, there has been a revamp of the Culturedarm shop. It sees the introduction of five startlingly contemporary designs, and the subtle amendment of two near classics, while others have faded into the rearview and it remains for you to honk if you seek their recurrence.

The Culturedarm Cover comes to the Culturedarm Shop courtesy of the Culturedarm Cover Winter 16-17, inspired by Giotto and the Trecento, in eloquent shades of blue, gold, and green. The almost ubiquitous Culturedarm logo finds itself against a fractured pink-red-green-blue background, and surrounded by petals in tranquil pink. An elongated black box reminds you of this website’s domain and title, and the Statue of Liberty gazes out above somebody’s gold-bronze head.

* * * Black Box Text

Culturedarm Cover Winter 16-17

Photo Edits: Culturedarm CARM Liberty, Aikido Winter Roadside, Parallax Great Wall from Space, Pulse Room Lounge Carnival

Culturedarm Logos: Classic, Pink Petal, Monochrome Invert, Fractured Pink and Green

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