January Film: The Great Flamarion (1945)


The Great Flamarion

76 minutes | 13 January 1945 | United States

‘Erich von Stroheim is The Great Flamarion, a marksman who employs a married couple for his vaudeville act. Having decided to rid herself of her husband, Connie plots to trick The Great Flamarion into doing the dirty work for her.’

Director: Anthony Mann
Producer: William Lee Wilder
Screenplay: Anne Wigton, Heinz Herald, Richard Weil
Based On: The short story ‘Big Shot’ by Vicki Baum
Starring: Erich von Stroheim as The Great Flamarion, Mary Beth Hughes as Connie Wallace, Dan Duryea as Al Wallace, Stephen Barclay as Eddie Wheeler, Lester Allen as Tony the Clown, Esther Howard as Cleo
Music: Alexander Laszlo
Cinematography: James S. Brown, Jr.
Editor: John F. Link, Sr.
Production Company: W. Lee Wilder Productions
Distributor: Republic Pictures

Downloads (via Internet Archive): 512KB MPEG4, CinepackMPEG2, OGGTorrent

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The Great Flamarion 4

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