November Film: The Little Match Girl (1928)


The Little Match Girl (‘La petite marchande d’allumettes’)

34 minutes | 8 June 1928 | France

‘From Hans Christian Andersen’s story to the screen by Jean Renoir, Catherine Hessling as Karen evokes delight and pathos. An impoverished girl tries to sell matches on NYE. Shivering with cold and unable to sell her wares, she sits in a sheltered nook. Striking a match to keep warm, she sees things in the flame.’

Director: Jean Renoir
Producer: Jean Renoir, Jean Tedesco
Written By: Hans Christian Andersen, Jean Renoir
Starring: Catherine Hessling as Karen, Jean Storm as Young Man, Manuel Raaby as Police Agent, Anny Xells as The Doll
Music: Manuel Rosenthal, Marc Perrone
Mise-En-Scène: Jean Renoir
Cinematography: Jean Bachelet
Decorator: Erich Aes

Downloads (via Internet Archive): FlashMPEG4, Ogg, Torrent

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