Photo Edits I: Fused Blends

With the tagline ‘Double exposure made easy’, Fused is an iOS application – designed for both iPhone and iPad – which allows you to blend two photographs, videos, or a combination of both. Selecting one visual element to serve as the background layer, and another to serve as the foreground, the app offers a variety of blending tools, plus colour adjustment and layer masking. It was released last October, with the most recent update – version 2.0 of the app – arriving in June. Fused’s artist’s collections afford a range of free and paid-for visuals which you can use to blend with your own photos and videos.

The app can achieve fairly complex effects very easily: it is intuitive to use, and fun given how quickly you can start to create interesting blended images. Here are eight edits I made, all blending photographs taken in Umeå and Skellefteå around the turn of the year: along the Ume river, at Umeå’s new cultural centre Väven, at Bildmuseet, and at Skellefteå’s Campushallen. One image also displays a sculpture at the V&A in London, by Auguste Rodin of Honoré de Balzac.

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