Podcast: Banks of the Marne and Zola’s House at Médan, by Cézanne

An aural and visual composite of two pieces on Cézanne: on Banks of the Marne, which he painted in 1888, and which I first considered within the context of Cézanne’s career after viewing it during the exhibition Impressionism: Sensation and Inspiration, held at the Hermitage Amsterdam in 2013; and on Zola’s House at Médan (or Le Château de Médan), painted between 1879 and 1881, and whose first owner was Paul Gauguin. Alongside an analysis of these works and their formal relationship, I offer an anecdote from Gauguin on the occasion of the painting of Zola’s House at Médan.

The images in the video include, alongside Banks of the Marne and Zola’s House at Médan, Cézanne’s paintings Bridge over the Marne at Créteil, Bridge over a Pool, and Aqueduct and Lock; three portraits of the art dealer Julien François Tanguy painted by Van Gogh; an image of Zola’s house at Médan, northwest of Paris; and photographs of Cézanne and Gauguin. The music used is from Improvisation, the eighth piece from Emmanuel Chabrier’s Pièces pittoresques.