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What is the difference between the items displayed here and via the Culturedarm Shop over on Redbubble?

All of the items displayed on this page are fulfilled by Printful through the Shopify ecommerce platform. Using Shopify and Printful allows for a greater degree of control when it comes to the design of products – T-shirts can be printed on both front and back, for instance, or with tear-away inside labels – and for a slightly different range of products, like embroidered baseball caps, printed socks, and woven totes. This makes the combination of Shopify and Printful good for one-off, rare, or slightly more expensive items featuring unique designs and carefully selected fabrics.

Redbubble is more of a mass market option, in so far as it is easy to upload designs and – after a little adjusting – combine them with a whole variety of products, from T-shirts, dresses, scarves, and bedding to phone cases, stationary, mugs, and prints. The Culturedarm Shop via Redbubble can therefore be both vibrant and comprehensive, and without sacrificing quality its products are a little cheaper and quicker to ship.

How long will shipping take?

It varies. With Redbubble, most items can take as little as two or three days even with standard delivery, although with standard delivery be prepared for anything from three days to a week. A few items – notebooks for instance – take slightly longer. Redbubble offers express delivery.

The products on this page fulfilled by Printful can take considerably longer. They ship from the United States, and if they are being sent abroad and have to clear customs, expect delivery to take two or three weeks.

Will I face customs charges?

According to their website, Redbubble ‘work with a global team of manufacturers and shipping partners to get your order from the site to your door’. Because Redbubble prints and processes orders as near to you as possible, items ordered via Redbubble do not have to clear customs and you will not face any additional charges.

On the other hand items fulfilled by Printful are being shipped from the United States. If you live in the United States, you will not face any additional charges. But if you live in Europe for instance, your items may have to clear customs. In the United Kingdom, goods worth more than £15 which arrive from outside of the European Union are subject to VAT, which beyond a few specialised items amounts to 20%. That 20% is charged on the total value of your order, including shipping. The Royal Mail then levy an extortionate £8 in the form of a ‘handling fee’.

Can I track my order?

Both Redbubble and Printful will supply you with expected delivery dates and tracking details via email.

Who should I contact with problems?

You can contact Culturedarm at For more information visit the Redbubble, Printful, and Shopify FAQ pages:

Who should I thank when I love my new product?

Messages of thanks should be sent solely to Culturedarm. Send your warmest regards to, or spread news of your gratefulness via all your social media.

Will my new cap keep the sun from my eyes?

As long as you don’t wear it backwards.

Will my new T-shirt feel softly against my skin?

Provided you keep yourself moisturised.

With my new clock, will I be sure of the right time?

Remember to adjust for daylight savings.

With my new notebook, will I get new ideas?

Culturedarm’s products all serve as stimulants.

Finally, who should I contact to complain?

Take your pick of these elected officials: