Spring Comes to the Culturedarm Shop

Cold and wet, still very dark, spring might not be here in any tangible sense, but we are not to let that dampen our sprightlier spirits. We are shooting, so to speak, springtime buds from our fingers, figuratively dripping in the fresh morning dew, and if our warm winter jackets will continue to tide us over, is it not time after all for a change of T-shirt underneath?

Is it not time – well past time – to remove that evergreen stump from your back garden, before tossing flannels aside in favour of breathable cottons and polyester pseudo-silk? Is it not the occasion to spruce up your pillow cushions, and alternate out of those dowdy tartan bedsheets? Who doesn’t take a new season as an excuse for a new phone cover? Whatever the weather, we must remember that it is now March: so splitting the year into four segments, isn’t it about time for some new stuff?

That’s why Culturedarm is pleased to present six new designs via the Culturedarm Shop. Befitting the season that is or soon will be, we have peach blossoms redolent of Japan and a sunny shot from the High Line in New York. The Culturedarm logo comes in ultramarine and in badge form surrounded by a scarlet and off-black circle, and the shortening ‘CARM’ is set against a background in fractured black and white. Finally we have a skull, suggesting that whatever the season death comes, only this skull is brightly colourful, featuring a floral pattern and a boat.

Some of the older designs on the Culturedarm Shop will be provisionally retired over the coming days and coming weeks, but for now everything comprising the last update remains available, which makes for a bloated outlet but surely many empty wallets.

* * *

CARM Fractured Black and White

Culturedarm Japan Peach Blossom Sun

Culturedarm CARM High Line

Floral Seafaring Skull

Culturedarm Logo Ultramarine

Culturedarm Circle Scarlet Off-Black

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