Emily Dickinson

Cultureteca 08.11.15

This week on Cultureteca, Katherine Mansfield’s short satirical drama ‘Stay-Laces’, published in The New Age a hundred years ago in early November 1915; the RIBA House of the Year award process gets underway in the United Kingdom on Channel 4; Natalia Stachon’s solo exhibition ‘Omitted Center’ opens at the Loock Galerie in Berlin; and the release of Fallout 4 awaits….

Cultureteca 06.09.15

Extending a recent discussion on Emily Dickinson’s poem ‘I can wade Grief’, Cultureteca opens this week looking back 150 years, to the poet’s poetry and concurrent eye troubles across 1865. We then cover a brief history of New Zealand flags, as the country moves towards a referendum considering whether to adopt one of several new designs. And finally a quick…

Emily Dickinson – ‘I Can Wade Grief’ (1862)

Emily Dickinson was born on 10 December 1830 in Amherst, Massachusetts, the town where she would live the duration of her life. She attended Amherst Academy, newly opened to female students, for seven years, punctuated briefly by spells of illness and a stay in Boston in the aftermath of the death of her cousin, Sophia Holland. In her teens she…