Katherine Mansfield

Katherine Mansfield’s ‘Green Goggles’: A Gogol Pastiche

Between recent pieces on the British literary magazine The New Age, Carl Erich Bechhöfer’s regular feature ‘Letters from Russia’, and Katherine Mansfield’s short drama ‘Stay-Laces’, I came across a couple of short pastiches contributed by the two writers for the Vol. XI No. 10 issue of 4 July 1912. Katherine Mansfield‘s pastiche is entitled ‘Green Goggles’, clearly a send-up of Russian literature…

Cultureteca 08.11.15

This week on Cultureteca, Katherine Mansfield’s short satirical drama ‘Stay-Laces’, published in The New Age a hundred years ago in early November 1915; the RIBA House of the Year award process gets underway in the United Kingdom on Channel 4; Natalia Stachon’s solo exhibition ‘Omitted Center’ opens at the Loock Galerie in Berlin; and the release of Fallout 4 awaits….

Great Long Opening Sentences in World Literature

Some of the greatest first lines in world literature are but a few words long, consisting of a lone and simple clause: ‘Call me Ishmael.’ from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick (1851), and for a more recent example, ‘See the child.’ from Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian (1985). Others too suggestively introduce a central figure, whether the narrator or the object of the narrator’s gaze:…