Watercolours for a Children’s Story

A number of years ago, with my partner and I living in Umeå in the north of Sweden, my partner was afforded the opportunity to study for six months in Istanbul. So we went and we lived in Istanbul for about six months, from the beginning of a September until the latter days of the subsequent February.

My partner was able to study a variety of courses in Istanbul, some only tenuously related to her degree; and one of these courses saw her tasked with writing a children’s story. I provided the illustrations, twelve small watercolour paintings.

I wanted to use the fox for a cutout animation I intend to play around with, so we found the book, or booklet; and I thought I’d post images of the paintings here.

P1040098 P1040102 P1040105 P1040107 P1040110 P1040111 P1040116 P1040117 P1040127 P1040120 P1040133 P1040135 P1040138