Welcome to the Culturedarm Shop

Welcome to the Culturedarm shop, whose products at least provisionally are printed on demand and distributed via Redbubble. Does the dawning of a new year compel you to acquire a new wardrobe? Is the kitchen depicted above a strange realisation of the kitchen of your dreams? Have you longed for slapdash animal watercolours capable of adorning throw pillows? Isn’t it time you declared your devotion to Culturedarm – while roping in, thanks to assorted styles and sizes, the remainder of your nuclear family?

This first iteration of the Culturedarm shop boasts T-shirts galore, but also hoodies, tank tops, graphic and A-line dresses, leggings, and lightweight sweatshirts. It allows you to furnish any room in your home with throw pillows and clocks. There are delectable drinking utensils, drawstring and tote bags, stickers, notebooks, prints, and greetings cards. And of course a litany of skins, covers, and cases for your laptops, tablets, and phones.

All of the designs are Culturedarm originals. The Culturedarm logo appears in a couple of colourways, and The Shimmering Ostrich – Culturedarm’s satirical sister site – thrusts forward its head in orange and purple. There are a series of children’s book watercolours, and of late night neon light photographs. Plus photo edits drawn from the north of Sweden, and a ‘Parallax Great Wall from Space’.

* * *

Culturedarm and The Shimmering Ostrich Logos

Parallax Great Wall from Space

Watercolours: Bandura the Fox, Angry Bear Awoken Mid-Slumber, and George the Rabbit

Pulse Room Lounge Carnival, Late Night Distant Neon, Spot the Stars, Three Badges Butterfly Logo, and Aikido Winter Roadside

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