September Film: Bowery Blitzkrieg (1941)


Bowery Blitzkrieg

62 minutes | 1 August 1941 | United States

‘While a cop steers a kid street-fighter away from being a public nuisance, a petty hoodlum leads a studious kid into a life of crime.’

Director: Wallace Fox
Producer: Sam Katzman
Writers: Brendan Wood (original story), Donn Mullahy (original story), Sam Robins (screenplay), Carl Foreman (uncredited)
Starring: Leo Gorcey as Muggs McGinnis, Bobby Jordan as Danny Breslin, Huntz Hall as Limpy, Donald Haines as Skinny, Ernie ‘Sunshine Sammy’ Morrison as Scruno, David Gorcey as Peewee
Music: Johnny Lange, Lew Porter
Cinematography: Marcel Le Picard
Editor: Robert Golden
Distributor: Monogram Pictures Corporation

Downloads (via Internet Archive): 512KB MPEG4, MPEG2, OGGTorrent

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